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Hey! Welcome to First Antrim Youth Club's (FAYC) very own state of the art, completely wacky and down right gorgeous website. Are you impressed? We hope you find it useful and have fun here. If there's anything else you'd like to see on here or anything else you'd like to know about, contact us or post on the Message Board and we'll see what we can do. After all, this is your website.

God Bless,

.: The fayc.com Management :.

All Nighter
Do you have the stamina?!

If so, get your form HERE!

Ganaway & Camp

Everyone's going away to Ganaway in March 2007! Are you going to join them? What about Camp 2007 in July? If you want to go to either or both events, you'll need to get your FORM in ASAP.

  1. FAYC is back!
  2. Stay tuned for new website updates!