1st Antrim Youth Club

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Goals & Objectives

As a youth club we feel the sense of focus that the following simple objectives bring to our work are of vital importance.

  • To present the good news of Jesus Christ to those attending the Club in a way that is meaningful and relevant through:-
    • Our attitude to life
    • Our attitude to each other
    • Our attitude to the members
  • To provide a club which promotes a sense of belonging and enjoyment
  • To provide a safe environment for young people to enjoy
  • To provide a programme which caters for all of the membership and encourages the members to take part in group/team activities/sports
  • To encourage the development and discipleship of all leaders and young people
  • To encourage discipleship through close links with other Youth Orginisations within the church
Child Protection

As an organisation we are committed to taking every appropriate step to ensure the safety and well being of all the young people with whom we work, regardless of class, race or creed.

1st Antrim Youth Club Child Protection Policy Statement
We in 1st Antrim Presbyterian Youth Club aim to provide a safe environment where children and young people may enjoy social contact and personal & spiritual development. Adults and young people selected to work within the youth Club should be secure in the knowledge that they have the full support of the Leadership of the church.
This complies with the 1st Antrim Presbyterian church policy statement.
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